Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Cosy neutral coloured bedroom with velvet pink headboard, white bedding with chunky light blue wool knitted light throw

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We all wish we could win a mad trolley dash at our favourite home décor store. Of course, in the ideal dream scenario, there would be no countdown clock, and we’d have our own interior designer personal shopper in tow. Alas, we don’t all live in a dream world of unlimited budget, time and space. But that’s where things get fun, because working within limits helps us get more creative. If you’re wondering how to make the most of limited bedroom space and resources, here are some simple and practical small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget to get you thinking out the box. 

Neutral coloured bedroom with white bedding and wooden decorative elements

Tips to make a small space seem bigger

Making the most of a small space can begin with just a bit of careful thought and zero budget. If your bedroom is feeling cramped and crowded, start by taking a good look at how you’re using the space and what changes you can implement to make things feel more spacious. Here are a few tips that can really help make a smaller space feel bigger. (Looking for some more small bedroom furniture ideas to maximise space?).

Light grey armchair in cosy, neutral bedroom with grey bed and headboard with white and blue bedding

1. Create clearly defined spaces

If your bed has unwittingly morphed into a lie-in wardrobe-come-work space, and your dressing table has expanded to a wall-to-wall feature, it’s time to redefine your spaces. For the sake of mental breathing room and a good night’s rest, protect your sleeping space from other intrusions and make sure your bedroom doesn’t have an identity complex.

Oversized wooden mirror in grey bedroom setting

2. Go oversized

It may seem counter-intuitive, but bigger pieces of furniture and accessories can actually help create a sense of spaciousness, while smaller ornaments and accessories make a space feel busy. Less is more – but don’t be scared to go big!

Bedroom with emerald green, white and light pink colour scheme

3. Guide the eye

Space is in the eye of the beholder. If everything points to one central point in the room, it will feel like the walls are closing in. Leading the eye upwards and towards the room’s edges will help create a better sense of space. Face a chair towards the window, and position your dressing table or standing wardrobe towards the end of a wall to draw focus outwards. Hanging lamps and mounted wall lights are also a great way to pull focus upward. 

Light,white bedroom interior and small side tables with books on top as well as gold decorative items

4. Use light & colour to expand the room  

Streamlining your colour scheme, and sticking to lighter, neutral colours will help to ‘open up’ the space. You can bring in your favourite colours and add some personality with well-chosen accessories.  Use mirrors in prominent positions to add depth and dynamic. 

Remake your bed

Whatever the size of your bedroom, your bed is going to play the lead role. But that doesn’t mean it has to steal centre stage. Tucking your bed into a corner (even if you need to leave a little room for a bedside table) frees up space and makes things feel cosier.

Insetting image of grey bed and headboard with white bedding and white mango wood pedestal

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At the same time, your bed is the best place to make some creative changes if you want to upgrade the look of your bedroom but you’ve only got budget for one or two items.  A headboard can make a big statement and take your bedroom from drab to fab without taking up a big chunk of your space or your budget. And if you really want to economise, you can do a paint-on version that you can easily update or replace with the real thing when you have the funds. 

Collection of four scatter cushions in a cream, black and green colour scheme

Or you can simply give your bed a makeover with a couple of spunky scatter

cushions – but stick to just a few, or it’s back to clutter city.

Front view of clothing storage racks containing hanging and folded clothing as well as packed shoes

Score with smart storage

Smart storage solutions are a small bedroom’s best friend. There are tons of different innovations and nifty DIY options out there, so here are just a few concepts to get the cogs turning.

Two images of clothing racks containing hanging clothes

Hanging space 

If you don’t have built-in cupboards, you don’t have to sacrifice a huge corner of your room on a bulky wardrobe. Use more of the vertical space with a custom-made garment rail above a low chest of drawers.  

Honeycomb and floating shelving containing yellow and blue decorative items

Vertical storage

Again, it’s all about thinking up. Floating shelves are cheap and easy to install, and can be used for storing things you’d like in easy reach, or for other uses like a bookshelf, shoerack, nightstand or even a desk. Also remember that the space above the bed doesn’t need to go to waste. Storage headboards are a popular space-saving option, and one with mounted lamps and easy access compartments can replace bedside pedestals altogether.

Two images of storage beds, one with mattress lifting and the other with drawers underneath

Storage beds

Make the bed the hero of the room in more ways than one. A storage bed is a stylish and clever way to keep clutter organised and save on space and budget. Even if the initial cost is a bit more, it usually works out cheaper than buying a bed, and desk or cupboard separately.

Children's room with brown storage bunk bed with desk underneath

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For kids’ rooms in particular, bunk beds and kids beds with storage can help preserve parental sanity on multiple levels – literally.

White metal bed with white bedding and one acacia wood pedestal one side of the bed and on the other side an acacia wood chest of drawers

Maximise with multifunction

You effectively double your use of the available space when your furniture serves more than one purpose. Who says a low or medium size dresser can’t double as a bedside table? Another great option for a nightstand is a rolling bar cart with open compartments for your books, night-time drinks, extra blankies or whatever else you may need in easy reach. 

Collection of images of acacia wood chest of drawers and blanket box

If you like to have extra seating in your room, you may love the look of a bed-end storage box or bench. For something even smaller, consider a stylish ottoman that doubles as a chair, nightstand and a stepladder for reaching that overhead storage. Wooden crates and pallets are also a lovely rustic option to add some inexpensive storage space which can double for pedestals, seating or small tables. 

On white images of round purple ottoman, brown upholstered rectangular bench and grey velvet square

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Feed the fun side

Remember, the best and most inexpensive way to decorate your small bedroom is to think creatively. Maybe all your bedroom really needs is a bit of reorganising, and a couple of unique or quirky pieces to give it your personal touch.

One really low effort ‘cheat’ to inject that extra bit of originality is to replace old drawer handles with modern, decorative ones. 

Teak decorative leaning ladder with duck egg coloured throw

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And one of our favourite pieces is the leaning wall ladder. Not only does it offer some handy hanging or shelf space, it’s versatile and easy to move around, while giving your room that little touch of the unusual.  

Bedroom with grey bed and headboard with white and light pink bedding complemented by black metal and wooden dresser and pedestal

Featured item: Bedroom furniture

Whatever your décor appetite and trolley size, Cielo has something to inspire you with our wide range of bedroom furniture. And don’t forget to check out our exciting online sale items today.

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